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A little manifesto on mindfulness and game design.
To be read from time to time.
By Claudia Molinari-Ivanović from We Are Müesli 

1. your game is born the moment you feel excited about the thought of it
2. your game is a game if you say so
3. make a game that embraces all that is you
4. make a game to inspire others to be better
5. make a game to build values you can be proud of
6. make a game for you first, then for the others
7. respect and admire everyone in the team
8. the things that matter the most are the ones you learn from the design and development process
9. respect and admire the design and development process
10. design the conditions to enjoy the process
11. design the conditions to love your game
12. your game process is never late, unless you make it so
13. change the conditions that stop excitement to flow
14. give your game a purpose
15. design your game with a vision
16. allow good intentions, allow culture in
17. allow good intentions, allow art in
18. allow good intentions, allow knowledge in
19. take care of yourself when making a game
20. take care of others when making a game
21. do not ruin your daily result by mourning about what must be done tomorrow
22. it is you who creates what you feel about your game, be solid
23. it is your game that creates what you feel about yourself, be fluid
24. accept the feelings of hate, failure, anxiety and despair, then move on
25. when lost, think about the step not the stair in front of you
26. when lost, read or write a poem to your game, it will thank you later
27. don’t believe everything you think about your game, believe everything you feel
28. great game ideas can die, let them go
29. stay present, your game is not what it was or what it will be, it is what it is now
30. every game idea will end in different ways and will have its own life cycle, respect it
31. respect the shape your game takes
32. make a game for its process not for its outcome
33. you might not always know where your game is heading to, but your game does
34. appreciate and be grateful about the result of your game
35. your game is beautiful

Special thanks to Matteo Pozzi and Pietro Polsinelli

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so much love

this is some good stuff

A lovely manifesto from a very talented team.

An excellent manifesto.

siete bestial* ragaz!

spero di vedere altri vostri lavori presto

<3 <3 <3

Needed to hear this today. Thankyou!! 

Saved. Thanks, it's definitely worth thinking about.

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Thanks for this! Well thought out and inspiring.

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Thank you so much!
I really appreciate your comment. :)
- Claudia